Wiseley Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Hillsdale, MI - Republican State Representative Candidate in the 58th District, Daren Wiseley, Announced Monday that he signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The pledge is a vow to oppose and vote against all new tax increases, in conjunction with the nonprofit advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform.

Wiseley believes that taxes are already too high, and government spending is getting out of control. He stated that, “Every year they want a slightly higher increase for a shiny new thing, and say that this is the last time… but it never fails that next year they just want more. The increases never end.”

Wiseley went on to discuss how, “tax increases hurt the hard-working middle class the most.” And said “I’m signing this pledge because I’ve vowed to fight for the people of Branch and Hillsdale Counties, not the lobbyists.” Wiseley has made limited government principles and opposition to tax increases a core plank of his conservative platform. He is the only candidate in the race thus far to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.


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